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Re: detroit and backlash???

Here's a thought. Try turning the driveshaft rather than the tires. I'm not that familiar with detroits, but they function on the same premise as do lockrights, right? There is a large pinion shaft that goes in a narrowing slot, forcing the dog clutches out into the side of the case, locking them into dog clutches attached to the axleshafts--right? So if you jack the jeep up and the springs and everything are working right--there is no force coming from the pinion shaft, the springs are holding the dog clutches apart, and you should be able to turn the wheels freely--spin spin spin--without any problems. And when you turn the driveshaft, without too much force, it too should spin relatively simply...unless you provide enough force to cause the pinion shaft to push the clutches out and engage the side that? So the important thing here is--how many turns of the driveshaft do you have before something you get tire motion--rather than the reverse.

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