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Re: Mt. Blanca

She was wicked; whupped our butts pretty good. A rough trail, very challenging, and very scary. Off camber shelf roads just give me the heebie jeebies. I think it is a solid 10 or eleven on a scale of 1 - 10.

We started up early Sat. morning; set up camp in a clearing off the trail a little before jaws 1. Five vehicles, a scout, my CJ, an EB, and XJ and a TJ. Only the XJ sisn't have dual lockers and no one under 33" tires. It was my first time up there so I can't compare it to past renditions. Jaws 1 is just plain nasty, although only the dummy with the CJ needed to winch off of it. I again needed a little tug up jaws 2 (as did everyone but the bronco). It rained a little bit and when those rocks are slick, you don't want to hit it too hard; most of us thought discretion was the better part of valor in that situation. Jaws 2.5 and 3 were both fun, much less tense (little danger of rolling a few thousand feet down the mountain), and were conquered by all. After all the obstacles were conquered and we were on the last uphill climb to Como lake, the Scout put it's fan into the radiator. So we all had to get turned around on the shelf road and then towed him back over the obstacles. Then as we were almost down, the xj rolled on jaws 1. If you take the lower line around the fin, be very careful. I drove it coming down, and it was pretty darn tippy; Paul found out just how tippy.

Can't wait to go back and try her again next year, maybe with a little more clearance and a lot more experience. I have a bunch of dings in the skidplate and put some grooves in my brand new front "Woody" shaft. I would advise hitting it early; I was surprised at the amount of traffic up there; lots of hikers, fishermen going up to the lakes, a couple other groups of vehicles and some atv's. Definately don't go alone either.


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