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Re: GM HEI how to buy. What to look for. What to avoid

I don't know about the V6 thing. I will tell you how I picked my distributor. I got from a 1984 Chevy van with the 250 inline 6. At the yard were I got mine they write on vehicle if it was drove in. This van was drove so I picked this over several other GM vehicles that were towed in. If possible take a look at the mileage on the vehicle. mine was only 127000 miles. Also take a look at the engine condition. Is there oil leaking everywhere? Does it not look taken care of? These questions will give you a good place to start. Once you remove the distributor (hopefully you found one with the cap rotor coil all intact) take a look for rust or corrision. Look for wear on the drive gear (eventhough you'll be replacing it). There shouldn't be any play in the shaft. The best way to find the right one is look carefully and look at a few of them before you decide which one to buy.


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