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Re: Write-ups on NV4500 install?

Thanks Jaffer. My tranny (Dodge version) has already been changed over to the deeper retainer housing so I don't need the ring. I was thinking of clocking the D300 the same way that Harry Brosofsky clocked his - putting set screws in the t-case mounting bolt holes, set the t-case up to the tranny, clocking the t-case to where I want it/where it'll fit, then hitting the t-case with a rubber mallet so that the set screws will mark the tranny retainer housing for where the bolt holes should be. I don't know if I'll be able to clock the t-case completely horizontal without running into clearance problems with the webbing on the retainer housing. I'm also going to have to take a look at the front driveshaft - Ford 5.0 bellhousing clearance. How far over to the passenger side did your front driveshaft move when you clocked the t-case? Also, how much clearance did you end up with between the tranny and the body?

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