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Puzzled Over Front Blinker/Parking Light???

Ok...I noticed that tonight my drivers side blinker with the parking lights on was hardly visible. When you turn the parking lights on that side is very bright while the passenger side was much lower in intensity. The bulbs are brand new though so I started looking at the wiring and what they look like when each is turned on. Here is what I figured out. Since you have one filament for the parking light and one for the blinker I looked at what filiment was coming on when. On the drivers side the low intensity filament was coming on for the blinker and the high intensity filiment was coming on for the parking light. On the passenger side it was the complete opposite *which I will assume is the correct way since you want the blinker to over power the parking light when both are on. I looked at the wiring and the plug would only go together one way. Now on the drivers side someone had spliced in a wire before the plug on the red wire *blinker* and spliced it in on the other side by the light. I took it off and the blinker filament would not work. I am going to assume there was a break in the wire somewhere that caused someone years ago to splice in this wire. But...that doesn't explain why the wrong filament is coming on with the blinker. The only thing I can think is that the wires before the plug *which are both white* were crossed when the plug end was put on. I guess I need to check the wires on the passenger side before the plug and see which one is the blinker and which one is the parking light. To fix it I am just going to cut reverse the wires to get the right filament going. Any thoughts on this???


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