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Re: towing jeep--need more hp or torque?

Here is my experience maybe it will help you in some way. I am going to assume you will be flat towing. I had a 97 Chevy 1500 extra cab short bed that I used for towing my CJ5. The 5.0 had enough power to pull easily pull the CJ but the 1500 brakes were used up quickly and when the CJ would wander it would pull the truck side to side. The trans in the 1500 smoked at 50,000 miles. I now tow with a 2500 Sub and like it allot more, the extra weight of the Sub keeps it steady even when the CJ tries to follow ruts. The biggest suggestion I can make is to put as much of your load in the truck with you and make the Jeep as light as possible, when you try to stop during flat towing the Jeep will try to push past you. I have seen several people brake during cornering and have there Jeep push them sideways, BRAKE BEFORE THE CORNER.

No mater what you get if it has an auto trans add the biggest trans cooler you can and maybe add a deeper trans pan. My Sub holds eleven quarts of synthetic trans fluid and still gets warm towing in the California desert.

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