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Re: July4 in the San Juan Mountians

OK, Bill and Muddy-
The seats are out of a '94 Grand Cherokee.
They're grey leather with full tilt back and are VERY comfortable.
I found some Grant weatherproof coverlets made of nylon with a plastic membrane and elastic corners from Summit that can be quickly unrolled and slipped over the seats when it starts to get really wet, muddy or sandy.
The bracket alignment is identical fore and aft but I had to make straps of steel flat stock for the front holes and angle iron (for strength) in the rear to shift them over and inch or two sideways ... easy to do ...

And yes, I'm gonna paint the hood and get it on finally. I can't take much more razzing. One TJ guy in Telluride spoke up on the street and said "Hey, that would be the nicest CJ I've ever seen if it had a hood on it!"
OK, OK. Nuff said ...
I had one ready and primed but decided to switch over to the one off the '77 because it already has the windshield hold down braketery holes drilled and it is made of a much heavier gauge than the '83 version which will add support to the lowered windshield and is much less susceptable to denting. Hoods and I don't get along and I've had the worst luck with them unmounted. No matter where I store them up on my hill, the wind always grabs them and slams them around. Last week it even grabbed the older one while it was in my garage and tried to suck it outside ... gotta get it nailed down to the Jeep soon or it will self destruct!
Glad you guys like the pics! Sounds like I stirred up some past fond memories, and maybe gave a few of you the itch. I highly recommend anyone to visit this area. There are 24 popular documented trails from easy and enjoyable ... we crossed back over the mountians to Silverton yesterday over Ophier Pass which was not near as difficult. Then, a little farther south is another pass that goes from Rico on the West side of the range and drops down on the East side directly into the Purgatory ski area above Durango ... one of our favorite camping areas.

Jacque was writing this morning of her take on the trip and she read me a little of it. It sounds like we will be in for an amusing take of this little vacation trip from her point of view.
Gad, the things I put her through ... weening her to Jeepin with 8+ trails ...[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]!!

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