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Re: CJDave, GC question

There is alot of good information on this site for repair

From some of these sites I remember reading that 1997 had a few more problems with them so for myself If I were looking I would look at 1998 or newer.
I cut and pasted this info from the site below: Also at this site you can find secret warrentee information.

Year 2000: Best and Worst SUV, Van, and Truck Buys

Note that there are two types of used 4X4s you’re likely to encounter: part-time and full-time four-wheel drive. Part-time four-wheel drive should be engaged when road conditions are wet and muddy or if roads are snow covered. The four wheels are locked together to turn at the same rate of speed. On dry pavement, driving in 4X4 mode will strain the drivetrain and damage the driveline components.

Full-time four-wheel drive (also called all-wheel drive) is a more sophisticated system that permits driving on any surface. A centre differential lets all four wheels turn at different speeds.

Also, keep in mind that safe off-roading requires suspension, engine, and drivetrain packages and other components, such as off-road tires and a skid plate, that may not have come with your vehicle. Check your equipment before attempting any risky driving.


Explorer, Mountaineer (1995–98)
Infiniti QX4 (1997–98)
Lexus LX 450, LX 470 (1997–98)
Ford/Lincoln Expedition, Navigator (1997–98)
Toyota 4Runner (1996–98)

Above Average

Chrysler/Jeep CJ, Wrangler, TJ Wrangler (1997–98)
Mercedes ML 320 (1998)
Subaru Forester, Outback (1995–98)
Ford Explorer (1993–94)
Honda CR-V (1997–98)
Honda Passport/Acura SLX/
Isuzu Rodeo, Trooper (1998)
Toyota 4Runner (1988–95)
Toyota RAV4 (1997–98)


Chrysler Durango (1998)
GM Blazer, Tahoe, Yukon (1995–98)
Chrysler Ramcharger (1990–93)
Chrysler/Jeep Cherokee (1995–98)
GM Chevrolet Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick (1994–98)
Chrysler/Jeep Grand Cherokee (1995–98)
Isuzu Rodeo, Trooper (1993–97)
Chrysler/Jeep CJ, Wrangler,
Wrangler (1987–96)
YJ Nissan Pathfinder (1987–98)
Suzuki Samurai (1992–94)
Ford Bronco (1994–96)
Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota RAV4 (1996)
GM Blazer, Bravada, Envoy, Jimmy (1995–98)

Below Average

Chrysler Ramcharger (1985–89)
Ford Bronco (1988–93)
GM Chevrolet Tracker, (1990-94)
GM Blazer, Jimmy, Tahoe, Yukon GM Suburban (1995–98)
Suzuki Sidekick (1989–93)
Honda Passport/Isuzu Rodeo, Trooper (1986–92)

Not Recommended

AM General Hummer (1996–98)
Chrysler/Jeep Cherokee (1985–94)
GM Blazer, Jimmy (compacts) (1985–89)
GM Blazer, Jimmy (full-sized) (1993–94)
GM Escalade (1998)
Chrysler/Jeep Grand Cherokee (1983–94)
Chrysler/Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer (1985–93)
Ford Bronco (1979–87)
Ford Bronco II (1983–90)
Ford Excursion, Ford Explorer (1991–92)
GM Suburban (1985–94)
Lada Cossack, Niva
Land Rover Discovery (1994–98)
Suzuki X-90 (1997–98)
Suzuki Samurai (1986–91)

1983 CJ7
Howell Fuel Injection
4.0 Head
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