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Re: Fixed noisy lifter during head change

I figure out which lifter was bad by pressing the wooden handle of a rubber mallet hard against the rocker arm while it idled. I could tell it was near the back, but wasn't sure till I did that. You can really tell which lifter once you press down on the pushrod end of the rocker arm while it's ticking.

Why change only one lifter? The engine was rebuilt 3 years ago and that lifter ticked from day one onward. I've seen so many jeeps with noisy valvetrains that I wonder if there is a lot of low grade lifters out there. I felt that if I replaced all 12 lifters I was increasing my chance of having the problem on another cylinder. I'd gladly have spend 60 bucks on a set of 12 if I had total confidence in them. So I just bought one new lifter and changed the one that was noisy, and it cured the problem. I can barely tell the motor is running at a stoplight.

Yes, I changed the lifter with the engine in the jeep. I unbolted the intake and exhaust and moved them away from the head. Cleaned off old gasket material from manifolds then unbolted the head. Replaced it with a head from my spare motor after having the head rebuilt. Ran into fun with surprise 1/2" head bolts and 7/16" holes in the head from the 84.

The lifters lifted right out. I just stuck a dental pick like tool down the hole in the centre and it slid out without any sticking. Simply dropped the new one in by hand. A couple of fingers barely fit down the pushrod holes more than a couple of inches, but it went find. Lifter had no where else to go but in.


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