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I did my good deed today - Have you?

On my way to the 4x shop to pick up some stuff today on my lunch hour, and what do I see along the highway, but a YJ with its hood up. I can't pull over right away, I was way over in the left hand lane. So I get off at the next exit and get back on the highway going the other way, go back to the next off ramp (5km - 3miles) and turn around. I get back to the YJ and pull over. It is a middle aged couple - stock YJ, top off - which is unusual given that there were thunderstorms around. I ask if I can help, and the guy nearly has a heart attack, he didn't see me pull off. He says he is just waiting for CAA (Auto Club) and he thinks he ran outta gas, but the gauge reads 1/4 full, but he has travelled over 500km - 300 miles on this tank. He also says it sputtered like it was outta gas. I say over 500 Km on one tank, Pal you are outta gas. I offered him a lift, but he says no he will wait for CAA, I didn't have any spare gas with me, or I would of put some in.

Just sharing my good deed, never know, it could be me at the side of the road and no cell phone. Would you stop?


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