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Tie Rod Ends??

How can you tell if your tie rod ends are bad? I'm having problem with a noise. It a popping/banging noise. I get it when I make a left turn or go over a bump, speed bumps are killer. It sounds and feels like it coming from the front driver side wheel area. It feels like something is gonna fall apart. I've checked the make sure everything is torqued down. Lugnuts, lower control arms etc... I do have a problem with the tie rods holding grease, they leak pretty bad and look really nasty. Especially the one that goes ti the drivers side wheel. I'm going to chang them. Could this be my noise? Also how difficult are they to change? I'm not looking to get over my head. I've done a tie rod on my wifes Civic, I would think it would be easier on my Jeep..

If anyone has any other ideas, plese let me know.
Deatails would be great too.


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