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Re: Ignition Problems!!!

You will need a timing light to set the timing properly. Since you have been running ok up till now and you haven't done any work that would change your timing (have you?), I would check the timing with the light prior to pulling the #1 plug. I typically use a little Whiteout or white model paint to mark the notch on the crankshaft and the 10 degree BTC (I think its 8-10 degrees. Might want to check though) on the belt cover. It will make seeing the marks a lot easier. Make sure the engine is at normal operating temp. when setting the timing. If it is off some, loosen the bolt that holds the dist. in place just enough to allow it rotate with some effort or by bumping it with a small mallet or something. Then rotate the dist. until the marks are in line. It is also important to check the rpm of the engine while setting the timing. For a Sami I think it is supposed to be 800 rpm. If it isn't idling at 800 it will falsify the setting. If you aren't electronic ignition you will also want to cap off the vacuum advance.

On a final note sometimes setting by the book will be off a little because of carbon build up on the pistons. If it seems to be close when setting it by the book but is still a little hesitant or your valves ping a little, you may try advancing or retarding by a degree or two which ever seems to make it run the best. Additionally, if you have to turn the dist. excessively in either direction to get the timing marks to line up, your dist. may be off by a tooth or your belt may have jumped. Then you would need to go forward with checking your timing belt, pulling the #1 plug, etc...

If the timing seems to be o.k., you might want to check your valves or the thing KANDO mentioned.

I'll be back.

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