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Re: Ignition Problems!!!

'bout all I can add to this is to check the timing as follows:

Put cyl. 1 on Top Dead Center (TDC) by removing it's sparkplug and watching the piston to spot it at it's uppermost position (use a chain-type vice grip around the fan pully to do this). BE SURE TO TURN THE CRANKSHAFT CLOCKWISE OR YOU MAY SCREW UP YOUR TIMING BELT.

Remove the distributor cap. The rotor should be pointing "up" across the engine to the driver's side. If not, turn the crank another full turn so that Piston 1 is again at Top Dead Center (TDC) and the rotor is pointing "up" across the engine to the driver's side.

Carefully note the position of the sparkplug wire on the cap that is nearest to the tip of the rotor.

Loosen the distributor bolt and carefully turn the distributor so that the rotor and the spark plug point inside the distributor line up exactly.

Tighten the distributor bolt and replace the distributor cap.

Does it run better?


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