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Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!

Hey Deadeye,

I started the post you're talking about and I wasn't complaining about not being waved at. You must have missed the all about what makes a jeeper? Its not the wave, nor the ride, its how they feel being in a Jeep or owning one.

I get waves from fellow Bimmer owners while driving it as much as I do from Jeepers when in my Jeep, but I consider myself a Jeeper as it brings me more happiness than the Bimmer.

As to waving, I find it amazing how many times someone in a brand new TJ (or KJ) waves at my old Jeep and how their faces glow when I wave back. That is the joy of the wave, not "proving" you're a Jeeper, but voluntarily sharing with a stranger your love for the freedom of a Jeep.


Jeep...need I say more?
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