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Re: Getrag (sp) tranny, how durable?

4L60E = Redesigned TH700R4 automatic that GM installed in 1/2 ton F/S trucks.

4L80E = Beefed up 4L60E automatic that GM installed in 3/4 ton F/S trucks.

The 'getrag' is the 5 speed manual tranny; I think it's a German built trans. I think it is a pretty stout unit, but they aren't cheap/easy to fix when they go. I have never personally seen one go out - manual transmissions are more durable than automatics in my opinion.

If I'm not mistaken, the same manual transmissions were installed on both 305's and 350's, stock. As long as you aren't going to be running a hot 350 that generates an unbelieveable amount of HP and torque, you should be fine in doing the conversion. Besides, a 350 really doesn't generate that much more HP or torque than a 305 (something like 25HP and 40ft-lb torque difference), assuming both engines are stock. When you get into modifications, you can do a lot more with a 350 though.

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