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Re: exhaust leak is making me mad

You need to call around to the local exhaust shops. I have seen shops that want to charge $50 just for a minor hole, but I got my muffler welded in for $20 at another shop. Point here is that shoping around is the best thing unless you can get it free with a warranty. If for some reason you decide you don't want to have it welded anymore, I have an idea (may not work, but it did on my friend's). Break the hanger the rest of the way off. Then go get an exhaust clamp $3.00. find some suitable sheet metal (if possible 1/2 of an old exhaust pipe). coat the inside of the sheet metal with lots of JB weld. Clamp the sheetmetal with wet JB weld on it to the pipe with the hole. then ark weld the hanger to the clamp. Kind of a cheesy fix but it did work. I would recommend doing it right though.

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