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exhaust leak is making me mad

hey people,
I've developed an exhaust leak behind my flowmasters. it is where the hanger was welded to the pipe itself. all it did was crack the weld and pull away the piping. roughly the soize of a dime. i don;t notice it often, but with the wondows down and at a stop i can hear it and it annoys me. is there any good way to fix it? I've tried the fix it taope, and some sort of a mineral based paste with no luck. i can get to the hole but not to tape it well because the hanger is there and attached to the other pipe.
How much do you think it would run me to have the local muff shop weld it up for me? If i try to arc weld it i know I'm gonna burn through the thin pipe....tried on my last truck. it'll cost about $13 in gas to take it back to the shop i got it done at and I'm not sure if I'm still on warranty for it or not. thanks for the input

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