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Re: 1.6 8V intake & exhaust?

Yep....Several problems came to light after the crank bolt snapped. While investigating, I fished out 2 AWOL valve train screws that were mangled nearly beyond recognition and.... a small portion of a piston skirt.
Two years ago when I replaced the head, I staked the screws. Now I know how very important it is do do it visually.
I've been battling a vibration that I've always thought was steering/front end in origin. In hindsight, the vibration was more than likely the motor being out of balance. Bugger!
Well, now I know and I'm picking another 1.6 up Saturday. With any luck, Sunday, I'll be swinging it in. Crunch time before the Melt!
I was planning on coming up to have a bumper modification (Crawler) I spoke with Tim about to mount it on a second plane (Schedule 40 pipe) before the Melt. The motor FUBAR forced me to put that off till after it. I'll get up there, hopefully sooner than I plan.
Bolts? What bolts?

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