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Re: Rear tow hooks on a TJ??

Because of all the weird ways an OHV can get twisted up during the fun times, it is important to be able to hook up to it in more than one place. Also when the hook up point is sitting there in the open where it is always accessable and can't be left at home, reason says it's better. That puts the bumper in the spotlight. Problem with the bumper is that it is often only attached to the rear cross member which is not a strong hook up point.
IMO, and I realize there are differing opinions with just as much validity, a well mounted, strong bumper is the place to put the tow hooks, pins, shackles, holes or whatever. If the bumper does not adversly impact the entrance and exit angles, and is very well mounted to the frame, then the tow positions should be on each side of the bumper positioned as close to the frame ends as possible. A well designed strong bumper is also the platform for other accessories. To me putting the tow hook, shackle or whatever under the veh directly on the frame - while very strong, is inconvenient and worst case, if positioned improperly, may get damaged or be a cause of hang up itself. Also if it is burried in the mud, it is difficult and messy to get to.

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