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Re: Rear tow hooks on a TJ??

If you really want to do it right, or actually plan to use them on a pretty regular basis, here's the best way to go... Get a pair of shackles that are slightly wider than your frame rails. Also get some steel tubing that has pretty thick walls, and in inner diameter just larger than the shackle bolts (the bolts should slide into the tubing with little to no resistance, but not be too loose either). Play with the positioning of the shackle on the frame rail, and once you have found the ideal spots to mount them, mark it. Drill a hole all the way through frame rail. The hole should be just large enough to insert the tubing through so that it goes in one side, and out the other. Measure the width of the frame from the outside edges, and cut a piece of tubing that long. It should fit through the holes you drilled and be flush with the outside edges of the frame on each side. Now weld the tubing in place in the frame (or take it to a welder and have it done. Now, you can attach the shckles through the reinforced hole you have created, or if you want, you can leave the shackles out untill you need them (just be sure to take them with you and not leave them at home). With this setup, you will be sure not to tear into the frame with the shackle bolt on really hard pulls, plus it strengthens the frame instead of weakening it. You can set the shackles up for a quick release type of install (like a washer & cotter pin) and it takes seconds to install them when you need them (or think you might). It sounds like a lot of work just to install some tow points, but if your gonna use them and not just install 'em for looks, it's a lot easier than trying to repair the frame after a nice grade 8 bolt tears a bigger hole in the frame rail trying to pull you out from between a 'rock and a hard place'. Hope this helps. Happy Wheelin'!

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