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Not to say that you shouldn't have a new 'improved' alternator, if you want one. But... If you want a quick fix, and if you are mechanically inclined, you can install a new bearing (front, ball, # 203PP Fafnir or equiv), and brush set for cheap. If you have an auto electric place near-by, you can sometimes get the brushes from 'bulk', for about a buck, or so (loose brushes, no holder). And, if you opt for a off-shore bearing, it's around $5-6. If you go for gringo stuff, the Delco brush set, with new holder, is like $10, and the US-made bearing is another $10. You should be able to hear a bad bearing - put one end of a rod, screwdriver, or whatever, on the alternator housing, near the front (while engine is running), and plug the other end of the rod in your ear. Maybe practice on some other cars. You should be able to recognize the sound of a bearing going south, versus a 'smooth' bearing.

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