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Re: flat on a trailer

Back on the Chevy tow vehicle issue, the bottom line I've reached is that the radiator just doesn't have the capacity to cool that truck with a load behind it in the Texas heat. I've talked to a lot of guys about this and tried everything I can think of. I've been told by more than one Chevy house and radiator shop that the problem is the size of the radiator (wish I knewthat before the new rad purchase). Seems there is a larger factory radiator used on some of the 90s suburbans, like the 3/4 tons, 454s or dual a/c burbs, to make sure they stayed cool. That would be my next approach at the wrecking yard. I don't know which one for sure, and don't know why the h*ll they didn't put that bigger radiator in the Z71s, especially one with tow package, 3.73 LS rear. You can buy one new but I think they run around $500 and there may be some minor bracketry issues.

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