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Re: Cant decide between 90 4.2, 91 4L or, a 2.5L

Broaden your search buddy. Start with a 50 miles radius and move up to 100 miles if that doesn't do it. 100 miles isn't that far. Little over an hours drive and half a tank of gas with my carbed 4.2L (and it has a 15 gallon tank!)

Definately hold out for a '91 or newer with the 4.0L, I sure wish I had! The 2.5L is alright for off-road where you keep the RPMs down (that leaves out mud and sand...) , but for on-road driving its the pits- especially if you stick 33s on it. My friend had a built-up truck with 33s and it was practically neutered. I whooped on him drag-racing against my Postal Jeep!

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