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Swapping a 95 Cherokee 4.0L into a CJ??

OK so I am at work today and my dad waltzs in and says he has crashed his cherokee again Only third time in the past three years. Except this time it is for good. I went to look at it and it is beyond totaled. But then again I supose that is what happens when you roll it over an embankment. Well thankfully he walked away with only a very minor scratch. But with the total of the cherokee and my dying Chevy 305 I was wonderng how hard it is to swap his inline 6 into the CJ-7 and also is it worth it? I have a T-4 tranny so I know I will need to get a new bellhousing, as well as some new motor mounts. And now I think about it a new high pressure fuel sender.
My 305 is starting to get some blow by and is leaking from a couple gaskets. I also believe it is unbalanced some because it seems to wobble a little when running. I also know I need a new carb. So is it worth it to rebuild and repair the V-8 or swap the the reliable I6. My dad has been in so many accidents the engine was totally replaced 6 months ago so it is basicly brand new.
Sorry about the rambling.
One last question, anyone have any idea what the buy back price owuld be for the cherokee???
Thanks guys

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