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Well, there's 3 plugs onhte rear of the engine. 2 small ones are on the cylinder head and the larger one (about 2") is on the block where I mentioned before. Core plugs and freezeplugs are the same thing. I'm just used to referring to them as core plugs. You can replace the ones on the cylinder heads without moving the engine, but it's hard, very tight back there. The one in the block requires pulling the engine or dropping the tranny and removing the flexplate. Make absolutely sure that's the plug thats leaking. If there's an inspection cover for the ring gear (I'm not familiar with the Torqueflite tranny), remove it and see if coolant is coming down between the engine block and the flexplate. You said the coolant comes pouring out of the block. Is it just a trickle or a gush? Coreplug could be dislodged or corroded.


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