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Important info on locker applications

I'm telling you this so you know. This is all first hand experience on my part as well as with many calls between me and Suzuki Corp and Powertrax.

Starting in late 1993, Suzuki changed companies from which they outsourced their side coupler gears. The major difference was a 1/16 " ridge around the spline area on the tooth side of the gear. These ridges prevent a 1510 from being installed in the carrier.

The model years affected were late-1993, 1994 and 1995 Sammys. This resulting change in gear design caused problems with the rear carrier performance. This resulted in a Technical Service Bulletin in September, 1994 entitled TS314 Rear Differential Thrust Washer Modification. While it says that it applies to 1994-1995 models, it will also apply to any year Sammy that has had it's rear diff rebuilt by Suzuki or using new Suzuki parts after late-1993.

All new replacement gears from Suzuki are the ones with ridges. A simple fix is to turn or bench grind off the ridge, and they will work with the 1510. This is important to note as side gears wear out faster in a locked diff, and will need to be replaced at some time.

Additionally, the Thrust Washer Modification calls for installation of a conical, spring steel-type washer. This washer WILL NOT work with locker. It applies constant pressure against the side gear and interfers with proper functioning of the locker. If you have this style washer, you will need one of the 6 different thickness washers available from Suzuki. Which thickness? You will not know until you install them. Best bet would be to buy all 6 sets and have them on hand to dial the locker in properly.

Additionally, if the rear diff was rebuilt at anytime using the newer style sidegears, it would also garnish the same recommendation.

Meanwhile, I have been in constant discussions with Powertrax regarding this. They are seriously considering designing a side gear that is a duplicate of the old-style OEM gear and, in turn, eliminating the trouble-plagued 1530.

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