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Re: Sport ATV info needed

I guess the biggest quandry I am in is that no one makes the quad I really want anymore, the 250r or quadracer. I've ridden quite a few Banshees and while the power is nice they still seem to be lacking a bit in the chassis quality/durability department compaired to the 250r and quadracer, plus they are a bit more than I want to spend. I really prefer 2 strokes, but the Blaster is definitely out. So that leaves the thumpers.

400EX is very nice and if I had the cash is probably what I would buy, then again the Banshee is in that price range too. So my two real choices are the 300EX and the Warrior, which both would work well until I go riding with the boyz- modded 400EX, DS-650, Scrambler 400, modded Scrambler 400, and Scrambler 500. I sure hate being last across the fields!

Well I'll talk to the dealers and see what kind of deal I can get, then I guess that will make my decision a bit easier. Thanks for the info.

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