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Re: Sport ATV info needed

you ask why I choose the warrior over the 300EX?

Well, the warrior I believe that is more stable from what I have seen. Both machines have bad suspension from the factory, but you are able to adjust the warrior suspension much more then the 300EX. The Warrior, contrary to what I have heard so far from the above posts, is not that heavy and I can pull wheelies on it easily. I have jumped the warrior and the 300EX on MX tracks and have taken them through tight trails. THe warrior handled far better.

Now remember that this will all depend on your riding abilities and what you feel to be the most comfortable. I truly believe that the Warrior would be the best bet for you. The reverse will be something you really want for the type of riding you suggested.

Now, the 400EX...well to be honest...I would be mor apt to spend the cash on the Raptor...

I am a yamaha fan, but I will NEVER steer someone in a direction I think they will not be happy with. The warrior in itself has been a very solid machine for our group. The 400EX's that we have here, I am constantly tinkering with because they just can not take the abuse we give them....

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