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oil in breather

well, after much thought and a little work, i made a container out of pvc pipe to catch the oil that was being blown into the air breather through the vent at the back hole on the valve cover. i caped both ends of the pvc pipe, drilled a hole in one end with media i used as a filter, and another hole on the side with a barb connected to a line from the valve cover. it catches the oil a lets the vapor escape. i thought about routing that vapor bak to the intake, but decided not to in case i do not empty the canister for a long period. right now i am empting it once every two weeks and adding about a qt of oil to make up the difference. and true, the rings are going, but i feel this engin has alot of life left in it and having clean air for it to breath, makes it run better. and also, i installed a new carter from autozone for only a 170.00 and that also made a big difference. it idles so smooth that sometimes i think it has stalled out! anyway, happy jeepin'.

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