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great flex that is limited by the shock?

OK, I got the buggy leafs (AKA goofy-leafs) installed on the rear of my SPOA (5.5" kit from RRO) zook. they are 23" long and allow for some pretty radical flex. I am limited tho, by the shocks. I have toyota shocks that allow for 10" inches of travel (they measure 15" compressed and 25" extended). They are mounted on the RRO rear shock mounts kit that came with the SPOA, and were nearly fully extended when I installed them. When I mounted the buggy's, I decided to drop the upper shock mounts 3.5" as I could tell they needed more room to extend. When I tested out the buggies, I could see some pretty radical flex, and that there was room for more if my damn shocks weren't maxing out. I looked into getting longer shocks, but most that I have seen haven't really offered more than 10" of travel. What am I doin' wrong? I really want that extra space, as I have seen more flex on the websites/magazines/videos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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