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Re: TFI - CJDave/TR Need your help

Don't sweat it...
We have a supposed Gold ASE Master Tech down the street that 'Rebuilt' a small block chevy...
Screwed with it for three days trying to get it running...
Finally broke down and called the old SAE certified team...

Distributor out 180 degrees,
Two plug wires not connected at the cap,
One plug wire not connected at the plug,
Vacuum advance diaphragm ruptured,
#2 and #4 plug wires crossed at the plugs,
#5 spark plug broken,
One idle mixture screw 1/4 turn out, the other 5-1/4 turns out,
3 broken off valve cover screws,
2 header bolts missing,
and a partridge in a pear tree...

It was like a bunch of chimps had put it together...
And the really frightening thing is, he's doing brakes at a local oil change and muffler shop...

After three days of screwing around with that engine on a new cam, I was so surprised that he didn't kill the cam during break in...

Just goes to show you that an amature that pays attention is worth ten of the SAE guys that don't have a clue.

You never said how it runs now that you have the timing correct...?...
Is it doing OK for you?

If you need a little info on how to tune you carb with a vacuum gauge, let me know, and we'll go over it.

Later all, Aaron.

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