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Re: 16valve conversion

Yes,the 2WD tranny will bolt up (or so everybody tells me) but the shifter comes thru the floor pan in a different place,requires a
little sheet metal work. Also the tunnel might require some massaging (big hammer) for clearance. I used the motor mount that
came with the Calmini engine adapter kit but I used the old method of mating the engine to the Sam tranny,weld ears on the trans
redrill the holes and bore for a dowel. I went to all this trouble because I feel none of the adapter plates on the market give good
enough alignment and since I'm a machinest this kind of work is easy and cost free for me. Much easier to use the 2WD tranny
even if you have to pay a premium price for one. Note that if you do use one that the intermediate drivshaft will have to be shortened
a couple of inches and I believe the cross member has to be modified.
Even though i didn't do the wiring I know it's a little more complicated than "dice an splice", but not impossibe. Along with the
Trackick harness get all the related parts off the firewall (coil,igniter,etc.),the ECM and the instrument cluster since there's a speed
sensor in ityou'll need to adapt to the Sammy speedo. Since smog regs on the Left Coast (Kalifornia) are pretty stiif I had to hook up the
pressure sensor to my power steering.
I needed 1" of body lift to close my hood. You could leave this mod to last and see what happens. My buddy took care of mounting
the gas tank,and i think it only required modifying one or two mounting points.
All together this swap is a pretty big job and since things always take three times longer to complete than we plan (at least for me)
I wouldn't attempt to do it before the Melt. Just my opinion.
Oh yea,one more thing. The 16V is a cool running motor and the Samurai radiator will be quite adequate as long as it's in good

(That's what I was told my Samurai resembles)[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
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