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Re: Electrical Problems

Sounds like your dome/horn fuse is simply pulling too much current or you've got an intermittent short...a wire or connection somewhere that hits the body or some other ground.. Only thing you can really do to chase wires down like that is start digging into the wiring or throw in a larger fuse. I just got my Scout and haven't had to dig into the wiring so I can't be more specific... yet. But, with a diagram, you should be able to find the individual circuit and take a look to find out what's drawing so much amperage.

As for the speedo lights... same sort of thing, except you've got an intermittent open...a connection that keeps coming off. You may be able to get into the dash and check over the connectors, clean them off, brighten them up, and make sure they are solid.

I've the same trouble with my gas guage though, I'm not altogether worried about it, yet. Best thing perhaps for it though is to find a book and see what the limits for the guage are... Should be some sort of electrical value (Maybe resistance maybe voltage) for what is full and what is empty. Then you'll be able to at least diagnose if it's the sender or the guage itself.

Speaking of all this, the only reason I can't give ya straight answers is I don't have a manual that covers IH vehicles... can anyone recommend some?

As for your tailgate squeaking, I'd just grease it. Would work a lot better than oil. Hope that helps,


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