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Re: Starter trouble

No, you're not having a case of the "stupids." V8Jeeps comment is a good one.
You can, in fact, test a starter by using jumper cables in the follwing manner.

1. Negative cable to the case.
2. Positive cable touched to the positive termial on the starter.

The starter should spin. As to why the starter would not spin:

1. Battery jumper cables are not meant to carry the current requirements of a starter.
2. MOST battery jumper cables are of quality inferior to battery leads.

It does not surprise me that you could not spin up even a new starter with some cables. Check the quality fo the cable. I'd almost bet the quality would be marginal, and the cables considered "cheap." Now that's not translated to inexpensive... but often the words go hand in hand. If the quality of the cable is cheap, it can charge a battery, but not supplant a battery cable.

We all need a good set of Jumper Cables. So, if you want a good set of jumpers, make 'em yourself from high quality welding leads and clamps. Silver solder the connections, if possible, if not, use good ol' rosin core solder. This will help eliminate the resistanc drop in the connections. The cost will be less that if you went out and purchased a quality set... of course you'll have to scrounge up your own fancy case.

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