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Re: Which Is Better?!

In any given year the tranys and engines where diffenent from jeep to jeep. in engines you have 3 choses in 78/79 the 232 and 258 line six's or the 304 V8. which is better is a matter of compleat oppinion. Personally I like the 258 for lowend torque and gas milage. But then I don't cear about top speed or climbing hills quickly.

The only thing to my knowledge that makes the 77/78/79 cj's speacial is that they came stock with the T-18a trany. this is a great gearbox with 6.34 low gear. However these years also came with the T-150 3 speed trany. I strong trany but with only a 2.99 low gear.

Years mater less then the individual jeeps in question. The other thing to consider is what the use is to be for a rock crawler low gears are a must. While if the jeep is to be a dayly driver and see alot of highway a over drive is nice making a 82 or newer a beter choice as they came with an optional T-5 trany with OD.

In the end Jeeps are Built not Bought.

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