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Re: Dual alternators/Underhood welder idea??

FarmJeep.... Parallel alternators will work if you want to spend the money to regulate the voltage. I'm not aquanted with the modern circuits that could do this, but the do exist for some High Buck RV's and trucks, and generator systems. As to the the welder you're correct, that's about what it takes...just let the alternator voltage float as high as it can. For the newer guys on the form here's the best site on makeing an on-board welder that I've ever seen:

The circuits would NOT be on one battery... but divided between the two batteries according to a totality of load. Otherwise it would be like jumpering a battery with two vehicles by putting the alternator output in parallel... something's going to give. The "Lucas" theory of electricy is that all electrical devices run on smoke. Big devices have big wires to carry lots of smoke. Little devices have little wires to carry a little smoke. When the device fails, it lets the smoke out... and never works again. You'd see this theory in actions, up close and personal.

Spook...I may be incorrect, but most of the parallel alternator system were being used as fail safe devices, redundant chargers, and to charge 24 Volt battery systems. On your Ford... humm... I ain't got a clue as to how it was wired... so anything I'd say would have a correctiness factor of about zero. I just don't want to blow any credibility I may have left on the forum.

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