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Re: SWAY-A Way torsion bars!

I am running the first gen. of these bars and they work just fine.. They do give a good amount of lift and are totally adjustable because of the splined end the adjuster arm goes on.. They are a little thicker than the stock bars but not as much as the HD GM bars.. The second gen. that SAW is thinking of making (talked to them 6 months ago too) will have a smaller splined and with a sleeve on the inside and hex on the outside to use your stock adjuster arm to reduce their cost.. Be the same price for you tho.. Still have not hear of them starting this tho.. I do know of a contact that has the first gen. in stock right now.. E me back channel and I can give the info..

-Troy '<font color=red>WeaZle</font color=red>' McCarty

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