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Here is what I found....

Advacned Adapters have a motor to transmission adapter plate for $450.78 (which is most likely a bell housing). Here is the part number and info:


The biggest concern would be the degree V of the V6. If it is a 90 degree V, then you can use standard V8 weld-in motor mounts (the don't have to be welded though). If it is a 60 degree V, you will have to get another set. They are a bit more pricey. Also, if you go with them, ditch the cheesy washer they give you to use on the drivers side that is supposed to keep the bolt from coming through the bracket attached to the frame. It doesn't and will fail quickly. Use a nice and thick washer from a hardware store (I used use for a top shock washer from a foriegn car).

I'd look at what special clutch/flywheel you MIGHT have to get. When I did my 229 Chevy V6, it was stock Chevy parts. I'd ask Advacned about it to be sure as well as around here (try asking for a V8 swap to get more info).

Here is where I found the info on the prices:

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