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Re: Pop goes the Tranny....Help!!!

Thanks for responding. You're not the first person who's told me that these trannys are easy to rebuild. I'm starting to lean in that direction. Unless she's a total gut-pile, I think I'll give it a try. At least that way I know what I've got in it. I need to get my hands on a good service manual with exploded views of the trans before I even attempt it. I know where I can order one brand new, but I'm a little skittish of the brand new price - ($60 plus S & H) - yikes! Is it written on parchment scroll or what? UPDATE! I was under the Scout this weekend and noticed that there was one good sized bolt coming out of the passenger side bell housing area that was very loose. There's supposed to be an identical bolt on the other side of the housing, but that one is missing. I doubt this is the problem, but it can't be good to have a bolt that size very loose on one side and missing on the other side. I'm not sure what the purpose of these bolts are, but they are about 2 inches long and about 3/8 inch diameter. I also had somebody tell me that he thought the sprag (whatever the hell that is) may be broken in my tranny and that it would require a qualified transmission tech to fix. Does that ring any bells?

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