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need the pros on this one!

87yj 258 carter all stock engine, 5 speed. was running great at all speeds like usual. have always had a little problem with the idle since i've owned it two months now. when i would hit a dirt road with wash boards sometimes the motor would die if i let it idle. today on a dirt road it did it again but stayed that way all the way home for 100 miles.

engine runs strong if i am giving it throttle. does not miss or hesitate. when going down hill it's ok as long as you keep it in gear which keeps up the rpm and the engine running. will not coast as it will not idle. when coming to a stop it will die instantly. have to keep right foot on gas with left foot on brake. i am miffed!

can't be timing or plugs -it doesn't miss and starts right up even after stalling on idle.

all vacuum lines look good and connected.

should'nt have to mess with the idle adjustment screws because it was idleing fine.

i associate the rough road somehow relates to the problem as it is the only common denominator. could there be some bad electrical connection with the computer which might have control over the idle?

i mean the engine will shut down as if you turned off the key. it feels like the fuel was shut off.

again it will start right up but will not idle. have to keep the throttle on or it will die.

when shifting it wants to die so fast that the drive train will clunk like when it does if you lug it.

can any of you experts figure this one out? i need some advice!

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