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Re: TeamRush Clarification Please?

Two quickies on that Bob,
I NEVER recommend that anyone do anything that defeats the emissions controls...
(If they take the wiring diagram, and the parts list posted a while back and makes an independent harness, I have no control over that)
That would also mean that they have had enough of the computer, and know enough to do away with it on their own...
I would never recommend breaking the law... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
(That's why I say 'Test Harness'... You know, like 'Test Pipe' to replace the catalytic converter...)

The factory Dura Spark module starts to become just as unstable as the GM HEI at 3,500 rpm.
The Dura Spark doesn't have near as many false triggers or ground fires, or cross fires at 3,500 rpm as the GM HEI,
Generally making it a better choice.
Keeping the Motorcraft ignition keeps the vehicle emissions legal...

(see, I'm a law abiding citizen...)

Not trying to be cute anymore,
Anytime you can boost efficiency with out hurting emissions, or helping emissions, it's a good thing. Better ignition means cleaner burn and less emissions.
I always leave the converter on vehicles that are basically stock. I can work with them up to about 400 horsepower, so why not have them cleaning things up?
We have even added dual converters to vehicles that never came with them just to clean things up.
We only have one mud ball to live on, and I do what I can to keep it clean.
The three generations before us did everything they could to destroy the planet, and they almost succeeded.
It's up to my generation and the next two generations to clean this rock up, or bad things will happen.

I am proud to say I have been asked by a major engine remanufacturer to help with what may very well be the largest single upgrade ever, The Hydrogen Engine.
If the reman guys get it first, they intend to offer it for every single automobile made in the last 40 years.
Clean, cheap, durable, and fits everything.
Cross your fingers...

If one of the big four get it first, it will be patented to death and stuck away somewhere to rot...

So Many Cats, So Few Recipes...
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