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New Dist. Springs?

I have recently installed the TeamRush upgrade along with the MSD-6A & MSD TFI coil. I also have the Howell TBI system on my 83 CJ7/258. It's running great except that the engine is knocking once it's at or above 180 F. The vacuum advance is connected to ported vacuum on the TBI. My vacuum guage showed 0 in Hg at idle and a maximum of 20 in Hg before it comes down as the throtle opens even more. This matches the manifold vacuum at 20 in Hg at idle. Do I need different springs for the centrifugal advance? I think it is advancing too much because I have backed the timing down to 2 dbtdc and there's still some knocking (but there is a slight improvement). I have written TeamRush before about possibly using MIG welder tips in the vacuum advance line to limit the advance, but I didn't have a vacuum guage to know what I was talking about. I know I've got to be close because it runs and sounds great until the coolent temp reaches 180. Just looking for a little help here.

1983 CJ7/258/T-999/TBI/TeamRush/MSD

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