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Re: TeamRush Clarification Please?

*Just to let you know, I have been following your ignition upgrade posts. I, myself have opted for the MPI so I believe I am not a candidate for it.*

Why not? Don't you think a fuel injected engine could benefit from a smooth, powerful ignition?
The reason the TFI style ignitions were developed was for the harder to ignite, leaned out fuel injections systems and lean burn carbs...
You can benefit as much as anyone, and more than some from the Ignition upgrade, Including the TFI coil or MSD module upgrades.

*However, my father-in-law, has an 81 cj with 258, and earlier I suggested the HEI upgrade. Now following your posts on duraspark, I am confused. In one post, for the
I-6, you state that the HEI is OK. On other posts you downplay it. Is the downplay intended only for V-8 versions, or is the Father-in-law better off switching to the ford coil, wires, cap and base plate? *

If you are switching from BREAKER POINTS, the GM HEI is alright.
If you already have a GM HEI, I will try to work with you...

I still prefer the Motorcraft ignition over GM HEI in ANY case, but sometimes it's just more cost effective for some of the guys to go GM HEI if they have one lying around.

If you already have the Motorcraft Dura Spark ignition, USE THE UPGRADE!
The upgrade just replaces the wear parts of your ignitions with better ignition components than the Jeep factory guys used.
The TFI coil upgrade brings you into the 80's, and the MSD 6 series module brings you into the 90's.
The Dura Spark, MSD upgrades are emissions legal also, if that is a concern where you live.

*Thanks for your input. As you can tell, I do not proclaim to know anything about ignitions other than the fact they won't run without'em.*

With as much as been posted on ignitions in the past three months, I'd be confused too!
Everybody has an opinion, and most of the posters here have expressed them here.
That's a lot of words thrown back and forth, so confusion sometimes abounds.
Hope this helps clear things up.

PS. Contact me with your engine specifics through email, and I'll give you a list of what you need, and what year it comes from.
[email protected]

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