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Pop goes the Tranny....Help!!!

I recently purchased a 1974 Scout II equipped with a 345 and auto trans. for $500. The engine runs and the body/interior are in decent condition, but there is something wrong with the tranny. I'm not sure yet if it is a Borg-Warner or a 727. What's the easiest way to tell? The previous owner had been using the Scout as a daily driver up until a couple months ago when the tranny evidently crapped out. He said it happened without warning one day as he was motoring along. He had no prior indication that the transmission was about to "go". All of a sudden, the truck lurched as if he had run over something and then he could no longer get power to the rear wheels. Thinking it might be the driveline or rear differential, he engaged the 4x4 in the hopes that he could drive with the front axle, but this didn't work either. I haven't been under the truck yet to do a thorough inspection, but I don't think this is a linkage problem. Damn it! So much for the easy fix! Could it be some shear pin or a band inside the tranny? Maybe a torque converter problem? Or a busted front pump shaft? Does this problem sound familiar to any of you Automatic tranny guys? Is it better/more cost-effective to rebuild or replace these tranny's? I know that's an awful lot of damn questions, but I have a powerful thirst for knowledge and it must be quenched! Thanks in advance to all those who reply.


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