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P.E.T.A. is Wrong

the animal rights group known as P.E.T.A. is out of control...they just recently launched a campaign against milk called "Got Beer?" they CLAIM that milk is disrespecting to cows and that it(milk) really isn't that good for your body, nutritionally. Also, of course, they are against the slaughter of animals for meat consumption. In protest they have dumped truck-loads of manure in the middle of busy intersections, causing traffic jams/accidents, they deface private property with spray paint to write their message on buildings/offices...They are animal rights, radical nuts! They claim a non-violent display of civil disobedience/protest is all right when conveying a political message...but where does it end...isn't the destruction of public and private property against the law?! When was P.E.T.A. raised above the law?! Groups like this really erk me...we need meat to survive, and milk is the most nutricious beverage...they just want to make every animal they see, their pet. If you don't like meat/dairy products don't eat them...but why should we have a radical group out there causing all this disturbance?

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