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the alt. doesn't convert to ac, it uses induction to create a current that is used to charge yor battery up after starting and to run your accesories. but,you seem to be getting in deeper than you need to be. the main things you need to know is that all circuits have to be complete in order to work(you need to start at the pos. term of your battery and end at the neg. but since your neg. is tied to your frame you can end the circuit there.) The next thing you need to know is how many lights and what wattage you are installing. the lights are measured in watts. to find the current they'll pull(amps)divide the watts by volts(12)(300 watt lights draw 25 amps). If you want your switches to last you should put dc relays between the switches and the lights. run from a fuse in your fuse box to your switch and out to the coil side of the relay and your wire from your light will connect to one side of the n.o.(normally open) contacts and a fused lead from the side of your battery will connect to the other. The other lead of your light will connect to the frame. Lastly dont forget to size your wire correctly you can find pocket ref. books at elect. supply stores that will tell you what size you need based on the length of the run and the current that will be running through it. if you need some more info feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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