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Did something really stupid, Help!!

Well, my clutch just went and I have been spending the last two weekends pulling the tranny and installing new parts. I wanted to drain and fill the tranny and transfercase, I drained the tranny and then I went to drain the transfercase but there wasn't anything in it. I looked in my chilton manual to see what to put in it and it was very vauge then I read to use the same oil that you use in the tranny.So I filled it up and I was just about to start the jeep to try it it then I read todays post about useing autotranny fluid in the transfer case.G0dammit #$% $%^ ^&* they were talking about useing the same fluid as an auto tranny in the manual. So now I have a xfercase full of gearlube, can I drain this and put auto tranny lube in it or is my case toast. This is the first xfercase I have ever filled up and if there had been and fluid in it when I drained it I would have known right away. Please help, I am such a damn idiot and I hope you guys give me crap. Thanks

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