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Steering Slop

I got alot of slop in my steering
I tightened up the box but I still float all over the
I got ahold of a free steering shaft from a 83 and it
helped for a bit
Now its back bad
What are the odds that the box is no good
I suspect the steering shaft is the bad boy
but replacing those with Flamming river is costly
Was wondering if the boxes have a tendency to go bad
like this.

My steering wheel will not stay true
I mean that as Im driving down the road
at one point it is a lil to the left of center to keep
it straight
then it will be to the right to keep it going down the
I held the shaft and turned the wheel from inside the
cab, and the upper part of the shaft seems to be tight

What do you think?

[email protected]
HEI, 32/36, Centerforce,
Rear Scout 44, Front 30 geared and locked
Warn axles, 8274, T-18, 35 MT/Rs, York set-up, ect...

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