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Life Projects

I am on the bulletin board quite a bit, and I am amazed with the amount of new Jeeps being built. I have to admit that I am a little jealous. I thought I would give you guys a look at a couple of OLD Jeep projects. My first project is a 47' CJ2A. It is going to be close to stock when it is done. I will be using a D44 from and M38, and I will probably also use the Rancho springs and shackles. The old threaded "U" shackles are cool, but the Rancho parts are a lot cleaner and they don't put weird bending stress into the frame and hangers. I am also going to box the fram at the front. I plan on painting the frame with Hammerite (because of the good things that I have read about it on the Bulletin Board). I am going to have to use the stock springs for a little while, and was thinking of painting the individual leafs with the Hammerite. If anyone has done this, I would like to know how it worked. I am keeping the flat-head, yeah I know it doesn't have a lot of power, but it is pretty damn cool.
The other project is a CJ5. I got this one out of a salvage yard for $200 (the price I payed for the CJ2 also). The CJ5 is little ways off before I get to start it, but it is not going to be stock. It is the old pre-72 length, and is all there except for the axles and seats. I think the axles will be stout, and the new engine is probably going to be an odd fire V-6 or even a small block chevy. I am also thinking of stretching it into a CJ6 for a little more wheel base and room for an NV4500.
The CJ2 is currently scattered all over my garage, and the CJ5 is behind my Dad's shop in Idaho. Let me know if anyone else is building old Jeeps like mine. I would attach pictures, but none of my pictures are small enough. I made the mistake of buying a Kodak Picture CD, Expensive! You could pay for a scanner in a hurry. If anyone knows of another way to post pictures, let me know.
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