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Hey wazzup dude:
I'm only 16 too and have also experienced this problem on my way to school. Your timing sounds like it might be off. Also If it backfired thru the carb it could have screwed up your carb. Recently when I was on my way to school my scout tried to die so I gave it some gas and it backfired. When I opened up the hood, my carb was on fire. I later found out that my timing was way off so I set that and that fixed the problem. I then had to rebuild my Holley 2210 Carb because when It caught fire it screwed something up, the rebuild was really easy. I just recently discovered that the I can't keep the motor in time because my crankshaft is F**cked. So I'm rebuilding the 304 out of my 74' scout instead of fixing my 345, and putting it in my 75'.
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